Monday, February 1, 2010

A Word From Dutch Sheets

I'm on the mailing list of Dutch Sheets Ministries. For those of you who might not know of him, Dutch sheets is an author and visionary evangelist. Perhaps his best-known book is Intercessory Prayer, although he has several others that are well regarded. He's also a prayer warrior with a compelling desire to see revival and reform in America and around the globe. He's traveled extensively, leading prayer gatherings to usher in revival.

I had an email from DSM recently, and he's at it again. He's now on an Awakening and Reformation Tour. Here's what the Tour's website says, in part:

"We are convinced that awakening/revival is imminent for America. We believe this awakening will begin with the youth and young adults and then spread to all. God is waiting on us to hear His strategies and begin to light the fires for this awakening around the nation."

You may or may not agree with Dutch Sheets' theology. But there are three things I think most Christians can agree on:
  • This country is in trouble and needs help!

  • God is our hope.

  • Prayer and repentance is the way to bring His help.
Let's join our prayers with Dutch Sheets' team!

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