Saturday, January 9, 2010

I've Been Using What?!

I was just about out of hand lotion — I'd been procrastinating and then forgetting when I was at the store. And it was too cold and dry for middle-aged skin to do without. So finally I grabbed something during a Saturday grocery shopping trip. I do mean grabbed — I was in a hurry and barely glanced at it. I saw "Olay," "Shea," and "Moisture," and that was all I needed. I hadn't used that product before, but I knew I liked Olay and I liked shea butter. Off to the checkout counter I went.

I started using it that night. Funny, it came out very liquid but then thickened and became hard to spread as soon as it hit the air. Note to self: I don't like this stuff, so get something else next time I'm in the store. But lotion is lotion, and I really didn't have anything else on hand, so I continued to use it.

It wasn't long before my skin let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it didn't like the stuff either. It rebelled. It turned red and angry. I popped into the drugstore to get something else first chance I got.

This was horrible stuff! How could a reputable company like Olay be selling something so terrible? Everyone needed to be warned! So I went to my favorite online drugstore site,, intending to write a scathing review.

That's when I finally took a good look at the bottle the stuff came in:

Body... WASH?!

I've been leaving... soap... on my skin?!

No wonder my skin's so unhappy. I'd have done better to use nothing at all.

Lesson relearned. Pay attention to labels. I know that, of course, but needed a reminder... A strong reminder.

I didn't post that scathing review. Actually, judging by other people's reviews, this is a popular product. But I don't intend to give it another chance either. I don't use body wash, not on purpose anyway. Besides, I'd have bad memories about it.

Talk about feeling like an idiot! I hope I'm not the only person who's done something so dumb...

The photo is from Olay's site,

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