Sunday, January 3, 2010


Where I live in the Midwest, we normally get some snow every winter. But I have to say that what we've been getting since Christmas Eve is definitely more than "some"! Five or six inches at a time isn't too unusual, but we started with seven plus through Christmas Day, and have had several additional snowfalls since. No one seems to know the total, but I'm guessing somewhere around 18 inches. I've built up a fort around my driveway, trying to keep it cleared.

We did get one day of above-freezing temperatures early last week, though. Here's a picture showing one result at my place.

Someone told me that's the biggest difference between our area and places further north. They just get snow. We get a lot of ice. Is that true? Hm. Well, then, maybe Northerners shouldn't laugh when we Midwesterners whine about a few inches of the white stuff!

And the whining really has settled in. I've noticed on Facebook that quite a few of my family and friends are calling for spring already. I'm with them. Don't blame us — some years we don't get a whole 18 inches all winter! It makes me want to ask "What global warming?!"

I'm eyeballing the weather forecasts. If they pan out, maybe we'll get to see the grass again next week...

Keep warm and safe!

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  1. Stop it, Laura. Snow is a four-letter word!

    If something is stuck, but shouldn't be: WD-40. If something is unstuck, but should be: Duct Tape.

    Also...slather WD-40 on your snow shovel. The snow won't stick. There ya go.

    Happy New Year.